Ranmal Samarasinghe, MD/PhD

Principal Investigator

Neuroscientist, clinical epileptologist, cyclist &runner

Daniel Toker, PhD

Post doc

Computational neuroscientist, anesthesia & coma researcher, writer

Colin McCrimmon, MD/PhD

Clinical Fellow

Budding epileptologist, computational neuroscientist, lover of the outdoors, escape room enthusiast.

Qing Cao, PhD

Collaborator (Post doc in Rexach lab)

Mouse and cell whisperer, lifelong learner, gardener & cyclist of 3K miles (and growing)

Kevin Lozano, BS

Research Assistant

Biologist, lab technician, deadlift enthusiast

Christopher Tatitano-Johnson, MS

Research Assistant

Research technician, stem cell biologist, pianist

Anandita Pandey

Undergraduate researcher

Student, amateur runner, concert enthusiast

Akane Shimoyoshi

Undergraduate researcher

Rock climber, bookworm, music enthusiast

Sahil Jog

Undergraduate researcher

Cook, weightlifter, film critic

Svasti Sharma

Undergraduate researcher

Student researcher, cell counting enthusiast, scarf knitter

Anjana Shriram

Undergraduate researcher

Neuroscience student, gelato lover, romcom watcher

Marie Pahos

Undergraduate researcher

Tissue culturist, Imaris girl, distance runner

Lab Alumni

Namie Fotion, 2020-22->medical student @ University of Kansas

Evan-Angelo Butlig, 2021-22> MD/PhD candidate @ University of Southern Alabama

Victoria Koffi, summer 2022-> undergraduate @ Howard University

Jada Scotland, summer 2022-> undergraduate @ Bowdoin College

Kelly Grossman, summer 2022-> undergraduate @ Hamilton College